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About Rev. Lindsay G. KIng

Rev. Lindsay G. King


Rev. King was born in Bell Island, Newfoundland in 1930. He undertook undergraduate work in philosophy and psychology at Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick. Theological Training was done at Pine Hill Divinity Hall, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

He was ordained to the United Church ministry in 1953, and founded the first congregation at Happy Valley, Labrador. He did his Postgraduate studies (Master's degree) at Boston University in 1955, and his M.Div. at Pine Hill in 1974.

Lindsay served churches at Tide Head, New Brunswick; Point Claire, PQ; Scarborough, Ontario, and come to Willowdale United Church in 1966. His wife is Jean Turner of Hartland, New Brunswick. They have a daughter Cathy and a son Turner. There are also two granddaughters, Neda and Roslyn by Turner and Farah.

Lindsay believes that Jesus defined the role of the church when he told His disciples to preach the good news of love to all people, to teach the truth about the Kingdom of God, and to heal the sick (see Luke 9 and 1 Thess. 5).

As a columnist (North York Mirror) and broadcaster (CKDX, Newmarket, 1480) he is promoting an open-minded and non-sectarian approach to philosophy, psychology and religion. He says: "I have so many relatives and friends who are Anglican, Catholic, Salvation Army, Baptists, Agnostic and even Atheist that I cannot afford to be choosy. My two granddaughters are half Muslim. We all agree to disagree agreeably. Of course I love healthy controversy. And didn't Jesus cover it all when he give us the Great Commandment: "Love One Another - even enemies (see Matthew 5 and 22)."

Rev. King is also the founder of the Family Life Foundation. Since 1964 he has given a series of lectures which he calls The PNEUMA (The Human Spirit) factor. LOVE is the foundation, the core and the goal of this very popular program.


Philosophy of Religions--all religions, including, - Fri Feb 02 2007 07:40 PM

Not much room for naming a real title that makes sense. Why the limitation, I wonder? In other forums there seems to be lots of room to spell out a title. How come the rationing, here?

What I would like to know is: What is your philosophy of religion, including atheism?

Regarding this topic, I may choose to just sit back and read. But I will read, and listen. Meanwhile, I will add to the other and current thread, as is appropriate.
Posted by: DA Morgan

Re: Philosophy of Religions--all religions, including, - Fri Feb 02 2007 09:45 PM

Philosophy of religion?

My philosophy is that there are two types of religion. One in which people have personal belief systems both moral/ethical and with respect to the nature of reality and their environment and the good sense and culture to treasure them as personal beliefs.

And then there are those who are self-annointed, self-righteous hypocrites that use people's inate "need" to know the answers to life's big questions to parasitize them for their personal financial gain.

Just once I'd like to find someone publicly proclaiming they have all of the answers with one hand who isn't holding out the other hand asking for money and the power to offer up advice on how you could improve yourself if you just did what they want you to do.

Let me give you a perfect example. We have a troll here in this group selling fuzzy thinking and vague ideas, on subjects of which he is truly as ignorant as my cat. He tries to quote authorless scripture he has never read with one hand while asking for money with the other.

And anyone who actually looks into the so-called Reverend's background quickly discovers that his actual skill set is as a hypnotherapist (well if that doesn't qualify him to speak about and for god I can't imagine what would).

Click here for a longer biography as of January 9, 2010 as posted on Open Source Religion.