A Religion that Heals Everything?--one that is grounded on AGAPE-based LOVE

(Saturday, April 13, 2013)

A Religion that Heals Everything? Is it possible?

It is now generally accepted that Auguste Comte (1798-1857) a French social thinker, philosopher and founder of sociology was right. When the minds of our first ancestors evolved to the point where they became self-aware and self-conscious human beings they also became self-aware of what we call natural phenomena--what is going on around them. This led our ancestors to seek for a theological (polytheism) , or a supernatural explanation.

The birth of languages, writing, the recording of history, the birth of what we now call the philosophies, the sciences and the arts came later.

Meanwhile--and for some time to come--religion was a dominant force in the way our first human-like ancestors lived their daily lives--short, dangerous and animal-like though it might have been.