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Judge's 'attack' on God Leads To appeal, June 7 and the letter, God versus god, June 8, 2012.


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But please be patient with me. Keep in mind that I was born Jan. 14, 1930 and that I am now, July 2013, 83.

I got my basic education in a United-Church sponsored three-room school on Bell Island, Conception Bay, Newfoundland  Bell Island is about nine miles north of the capital, St.John's.

BTW, below is a copy of a letter which I recently wrote to the National Post.


Re: Judge's 'attack' on God Leads To appeal, June 7 and the letter, God versus god, June 8, 2012.

In his recent letter, regarding the comment which Justice S.F. Clements, allegedly, made during the March 21 hearing on the abortion issue, Rabbi S. Schwartz accused the National Post reporter of failing to make clear what the Justice really must have meant to say when he spoke of "God?"

The Rabbi went on to say, "When Justice Clements said, 'Your God is wrong' he was obviously using the phrase to mean 'your idea of God is wrong.' The Rabbi then added, "Had he actually said, 'God is wrong', that would be a blasphemy."

Thanks, Rabbi, for your challenging comments. You bring some very important questions to mind. For example, what do monotheists, deists, unitheists (like me) atheists, and the like really have in their minds when they speak of the one commonly referred to as "God"?
How do we avoid giving the idea that we have in mind a "he"--Or is it a "she"?--who is what you call "a finite force, a being or an idea personified as a champion"?

By the way, it is my understanding--and feel free to corrected me if I am wrong--that, when Orthodox Jews write the divine name in English, they write it as "G-d".  Is this so?

I  also understand that, generally speaking, monotheists, as you indicate, say that "God" and "god" are not one and the same; that capital "G" God refers to the one supreme being in charge of everything, including what is right and wrong. By definition, God cannot be wrong..."
You go on to imply that God is not a thing or a person. Therefore, you add "I believe he (the Justice) would never say: 'your God is wrong,' especially since there is  no "your God," there is just "God."

Referring  to "God's identity and the ramifications thereof", the Rabbi expressed the hope that "good might come if it leads to more intelligent discussions of God's identity..."

I, too, certainly hope that this will happen.
But how is it humanly possible to talk and write, intelligently, about that which, we are told, has no dimensions, no beginning and no ending?  It really is a puzzlement.
Me? I am always thankful that theological puzzles can be fun.

Rev. Lindsay G. King,
Friday, July 27, 2012
[quote author="DarronS" date="1343350253"] What you are ignoring, Rev, is that 93 percent of the members of the National Academy of Sciences do not believe in a god.[/quote]
I appreciate the information. Well, I WILL not to ignore it here and now.  I suspect that the members of the NAS, who you mention, are simply coming to the same conclusion I did in my high school days (1943-1946). The vast majority of the NAS no longer believe in a god (theos, in Greek) with dimensions--a human-like, theistic and superhuman being--like the one in the "God Hypothesis" Richard Dawkins defines in his book, [b]The GOD Delusion [/b](2006).
On page 31 he writes what he assumes all theists believe:
[quote]... [b]there exists a superhuman, supernatural intelligence who deliberately designed and created the universe and everything in it, including us.[/b]
Then, interestingly, he goes on to advocate an alternative view: [quote]any creative intelligence, of sufficient complexity to design anything, comes into existence only as the end product of an extended process of gradual evolution.[/quote]--this is, by the way, is the kind of God Hypothesis suggested by process philosophy/theology (Alfred North Whitehead).

In retrospect, when I think back to that year of work (1946-1947) that followed my high-school student days, here is what comes to mind.
At the end of that year I had saved just over $500. I took the risk of earning the balance while I was at MTA. I did.   

Meanwhile, I did other jobs, but  my minister--very pro-active in the whole community of  (50% Catholic) helped me get the better-paying job, in the mines. My older brother, Bill (born in 1912) and all family (then four boys and two girls), also encouraged me. He said: You do not need to pay us any room and board. Save everything you earn.
The goal was to get enough money to spend at least one year--the cost was $1000 (big money then) for tuition, room and board--at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, Canada ...
In 1947, NL--Newfoundland-Labrador--was a British colony. Labourers, working for DOSCO--Dominion Iron and Steel, Inc., were paid $5.80 cents for a 10-hour day.
At 17, I was a member of a rock-picking crew--picking rock out of iron ore.
We spent ten hours a day, six days a week working at a moving belt of iron-ore that went by us. It was a slave-like, mind-numbing kind of work.

However, the work was such that I could, to the foreman's satisfaction, do the job and enter into what I now know was a trance-like--and now call a META-tative state--any time I willed to do so. In that state, I went over the life I had lived, so far, and, encouraged by my minister's sermons, books I read and movies I saw at the time, in my mind I "wrote" stories about the life I envisioned that was ahead of me.

From then on, this good fortune--I served in the army, the navy, in church mission areas, etc--followed me and my future life-partner,  who I met on the way. With a small debt--paid by my new wife (1952), I was ordained in 1953, debt-free. Together, we went off to our full-time work. I "praught"--that is, preached--while she taught.


In response to your comment [quote]Interestingly, 99 percent of the prison population in the U.S. does hold such a belief.[/quote] may I add: Part of my pastoral duties in Toronto 1961-1994 involved founding and developing the volunteer-based Family Life Foundation (1973)--a registered charity. We charge no fees.
As part of the FLF, I spent a lot of time counselling with criminals. Without going into details here, it is my opinion that virtually all criminals are what I call, pneumatologically sick, that is, insane--one of the reasons they often turn to a "god" they hope will save them.
I will now post this first article. Later, when I find it, I will post a link about this idea.
Now, I will see if I can do more writing to this site.


In cooperation with Warren FarrI call this approach  UNITHEISM. Here, instead of using the noun God, I prefer to use the acronym,

GÕD, or G~0~D.  Note the ZERO,  and also the use I make of the Tilde, which looks like this, ~ . It happens to be the first upper-case key on the 'puter.

I repeat: I use this acronym for the same reason that Orthodox Jews use the symbol, 'G-d'. I use it to avoid naming 'god' as if there is a being a 'HE', a supernatural being, one who is even now looking over our shoulder.


========More on this, later.